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eBay became the second international player to enter the Indian daily deal space and they did so in an inconspicuous manner. With no ads or links to this site on eBay, and an obscure URL – kuponanindia.ebaysocialapps.com – we suspect eBay is probably using this as a test bed for before launching something on a much larger scale. A search for ebaysocialapps indicates that the concept is being tried out in the Philippines too. It’s worth noting that eBay had been offering daily-deals for almost 2 years now in the US (check out deals.ebay.com). However, these deals were national and not local.


The deals are available only in Mumbai and Delhi at the moment and not surprisingly, very few of them get tipped (a minimum of 5 deals need to be bought for the deal to become active), even though the quality of the deals is high.


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