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Groffr, a Mumbai based startup by IIM graduates, provides group offers primarily in real estate. Groffr also offers group deals in automobiles, travel, electronics and other high-value items including Helicopter rides! They have recently introduced Group Home Loans.


There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this very promising startup. Groffr acquired on March 15th this year. Groffr has also managed to get funding and reportedly turned down a buy-out by a major internet company. If SnapDeal is #1 in traffic, then we suspect Groffr to be #1 in trade terms with a whopping Rs. 115 crores in transactions – that is 15% higher than SnapDeal’s projected turnover for 2011. All this for a company that was floated in July 2010!


The Groffr team managed to get their target demographic right – young, IT/MBA professionals from top institutes earning high salaries – and got them into their network through online alumni network groups. So, if you’re into planned buying and ready to wait for a good deal as opposed to impulsive buying, Groffr is the place!


  • # of facebook fans: 1,523
  • Alexa Global Rank: 135k
  • Alexa India Rank: 18k


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  • Contact promotes group buying of property through real estate deals. The website has discounted deals for group buyers of flats and apartments in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad and Indore.

    Generally, the deals offer a price benefit of around 5% to 15% as compared to the market price prevailing in that area for a flat with similar amenities. Visitors to the portal are expected to browse through real estate deals listed and express interest on any property deal that they like. Once the required number of interested persons sign in, the process moves ahead.

    • Kishore

      its good to see competition picking in this segment. My only concern is do these market prices get bloated artificially and then get discounted to dupe the customers?

      • Jerome Quadros

        Kishore, we at ensure that the group buying price is lower than not only the market price in that locality but also lower than the retail price that the Builder offers to individual customers. Your concern is legitimate and we would strive to avoid these pitfalls.

        • Kishore

          Keep up the good job :)

      • Anonymous

        The issue you raised is not specific to just real estate deals, but all verticals. There have been reports that in Poland almost every merchant and daily deal site collude together to bloat up the price and then offer large discounts (studies indicate that the the discount percentage and the number of deals sold have a direct correlation)

        It’s very common to see many deal sites & online shopping sites quoting the original retail price of a product when it was launched years ago which is higher than what the brand itself advertises. Some of these are tricks of the trade and fortunately the final offer price is still lower.

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