Posted on by Praveen |  Comment, as the name suggests, puts up a deal every sixty minutes. With an extremely slick UI and some exclusive deals on luxury and lifestyle products, this site stands out from the rest and holds a lot of promise in the highly competitive deal space. They provide free shipping and have the Cash on Delivery option. Soldinsixty has a mobile version of the site, a facebook app, an active blog and a flickr profile page. And they’re running an iPad 2 contest to market the site (you enter the contest by just liking their facebook page). Soldinsixty surely impressed us! The only annoying part of the site is the e-mail lightbox that is flashed every time the site is launched and there’s no way to close it.


On further investigation, we found that is actually promoted by the owners of – an Indian e-commerce portal – the products are picked from here and put up for sale on SoldInSixty every hour. Now that’s a very clever innovation!! Now the question is… Are other e-commerce sites going to follow suit and come up with another gazillion Groupon clones?!



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  • Arjun

    This is awesome! I think the hourly deal is the newest innovation; lets see how many clones spring up :)

    • Anonymous

      In fact many online stores that focus on selling general merchandise will want to join the deal-a-day bandwagon immediately. But, instead of offering one item a day, it will be a killer idea to advertise an item every hour on the hour!

      There are over 500 deal sites in the US alone and another 500 in China. 44 seems too little a number for India! I’ll bet the number of hourly deal sites will flourish given that there are over a 100 e-commerce sites out here (our e-commerce list will be published shortly –

      Another possibility is tie-ups between e-commerce portals and established deal sites to bring in the hourly deal concept.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly… I think hourly deals is a bit of overkill… Who’s got time to keep checking website every hour?… And how can website bring an interesting deal every hour?? Anyways, Kudos for giving this idea a go.

  • Anonymous

    They have removed the e-mail lightbox… I guess people behind soldinsixty have been listening :)

    • subbitss

      Even now the e-mail lightbox lit up to annoy you forever. Sorry. It appears that they Pretend to Listen, or, it should be some uncleared cache that would have saved you.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah.. the e-mail lightbox is back. They’d actually removed it sometime back and must have put it back on recently.

        I guess the craze for amassing up e-mail addresses doesn’t stop with these daily-deal sites! Spam-overkill is what I see on my mail box every day… or is that every hour now :)

        There is a lot of potential for one really good deal aggregator to come up still.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    and here’s a way to check out upcoming deals beyond 3 hours on Soldin60!

  • Suresh Mysore

    Soldinsixty is a big farce, because when they claim to be giving you big discounts they are actualy inflating MRP prices and claim that they are giving huge discounts. Recent examples are BlackBerry PlayBook The MRP they were comparing was of a 32GB when they were selling 16GB. On 27th.June 2011 soldinsixty offered a 16GB Playbook for Rs.26550 as against MRP of Rs.27990 ie. at a discount of 5%,But they claim that the MRP is Rs.32990 and a discount of 20% but this price is actually is of 32GB.
    Second eg. today ie. 5thJuly 2011 they are offering a 2GB IPOD Shuffel for Rs.2499 they claim it is at a discount of 32% on an MRP of Rs.3700. but the fact is the MRP is only Rs.3200 (check apple website) and the discount is only 22% and not 32%.

    I have brought it to there notice by mail as well as on phone,but in vain.

    • Pawan

      This is certainly unfortunate!

  • Kamal Bhasin

    The Soldinsixty site seems to be a pharse. I registered today and the Home site does not go beyond Three titles. Each sale is for sixty minutes and what does one do if the site does not even open. On another page you are asked for your mobile no. This also does not work as the page does not accept any number.
    Mials do not get responded.

  • Sunilagarwalaca

    I had one order on 12.07.2011 and they committed to deliver within 4 to 8 days. But till date i.e. 02.08.2011 even after almost 21 days the item has not been delivered. Everyday they are committing for delivery. This site playing with the innocent people. Rather we can say it is cheating people at large.

    • Pawan

      A bad reputation once caused can damage the image of the company so badly! This is really unfortunate. Can such complaints be logged in consumer courts.. anyone?

  • ashwathama rao

    And they are very good at sending unsolicited sms. I get around 3-4 sms from them, which is annoying.

  • Rohan Thale

    This is a fraud company Guys please do not buy any stuff from this site. They do not delivery product even though you pay. I order (ID 14080) a camera “PANASONIC DIGITAL CAMERA DMC-TZ18”. I paid full amount. Now they are canceling the order. They have done this in past for Nikon 8100.
    Boo to your company….

  • Abhishek Pasricha

    I ordered 2 things :-

    Hugo Boss Perfume and Philips Ear-In Headsets on 25th Aug 2011 and out of which Philips headsets have been cancelled by them after calling me after 20 days when there commitment is about sending the shipment in 4-8 days and for perfume it has still not been dispatched from their end and they are giving me all excuses that it will take 1 more month to reach at my place.

    PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SOLDINSIXTY, it is a fake website and never give responses on mail as well,

    If you do not believe me then I can give you names of Customer Care Agents who are there and give fake information and give fake commitments. They are Sheetal and Smitha(Please do verify this if you want to by calling on 080 22299988 )



    • Pawan

      As if the deals over kill was not enough! People are being cheated; Its high time that websites pay full attention on customer service – because word of mouth is very powerful! I have read through the comments of so many disgruntled customers and feel that SoldinSixty should either pull up their socks or shut down!

  • Salilbagchi

    I read all the comments, but my Bro bought Reebok Shades 3 days back, and it got delivered today, I am impressed :)

  • Mohan S Negi

    Today I have received 8GB SanDisk (SIS1116) against my order dated 22.11.2011 under your invoice No. #SIS14624 on CAD basis. But I am surprised to see the product. It is dusted & used and appears old stuff. I had not expected this breach of trust from your side. I understand that I have paid the price for my trust that I placed on you.
    Mohan S Negi

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