Rip-off #2 – Gone in 60

As more people take to internet shopping and online auctions, the number of complaints about transactions & service have increased. Earlier, we’d reported on how naaptol used fake discounts to sell Apple iPad 2 devices at a higher than market price – after a 50% rebate. In this post, we cover price manipulations & other tricks used by to rip off online shoppers. 


Research shows that higher the discount percentage offered, the more the number of deals that are sold. Naturally, the tendency would be to mark up the prices and offer massive discounts on them to drive more sales. This is one of the tricks that employed to deceive customers…


The SoldInSixty Hustle


One of our readers reported that

“…on 27th June 2011, offered the 16GB Blackberry Playbook for Rs.26,550 against the MRP of Rs.27,990 i.e., at a discount of 5%. But, the MRP quoted in the deal was Rs.32,990 – at a discount of 20% – which was the price for the 32GB version of the Playbook and not the 16GB one.


On 5th July 2011, they offered the 2GB iPod Shuffle for Rs.2,499 and printed the discount as 32% on an MRP of Rs.3,700. But, the fact is the MRP is only Rs.3,200 (Apple iStore) and the discount is only 22% and not 32%.


I have brought it to their notice by mail as well as through phone, but in vain…”



Soldin60 Rip-off

The BlackBerry Playbook 16GB deal on Soldin60 with the MRP of the 32GB model


The facebook fanpage has many comments which report other unprofessional experiences. Some of the most common complaints include:-

1. Customers receiving the ordered items after much delay, or worse – never

2. Customers receiving products that are either less valuable than those advertised or significantly different from the original description

3. Failure by Soldin60 to disclose relevant information about a product


Here’s a facebook post and another, where irked customers share these experiences.



The Rip-off series documents instances where online shopping portalsdaily deal sites have been caught red-handed in dishing out so called ‘deals’ and ‘promotions’ by offering fake discounts and other conniving methods.


Share your experiences with us…




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  • Suresh S Mysore

    Hi Praveen,

    Thanks for the blog.

    These are only two instances I had brought to your notice there are many more such deals on

    • Pawan

      These deal sites should not be allowed to sneak away with such bad service. People should initiate consumer court hearings against them.

  • Rohan Thale

    This is a fraud company Guys please do not buy any stuff from this site. They do not delivery product even though you pay. I order (ID 14080) a camera “PANASONIC DIGITAL CAMERA DMC-TZ18”. I paid full amount. Now they are canceling the order. They have done this in past for Nikon 8100.
    Boo to your company….

  • Sachin Mohandas

    This happened to me too .. seriously this company just posts wired deal just to attract more users across net . once they get the order and the money … they use this numbers to attract more dealers and investors…who don’t know they don’t deliver their promised products. Once you order the product after 1 hour their customer service calls up and say your order has been canceled and will refund your money soon. But in their data base they get to show we got so many orders and dealers and investors doesn’t come to know what they are up to . As a new site they try to shine in the market in a wrong way by cheating users… ” I ordered for PANASONIC DIGITAL CAMERA DMC-TZ18 on 13th sept 2011, my order number (14082) , Did the full online payment . got the confirmation mail and sms too from their end ..and now they are saying “Sorry your order has been cancelled ” after calling up also they are hardly agreeing to their mistake. They keep cheating and the users have to suffer ..have attached the payment successful image (print screen).

  • Pawan


    I feel your blog has provided a platform for many disgruntled people to contributet genuine bad/horrible experiences on soldinsixty! I hope the website pays attention to these complaints and mend their ways!

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