Rip-off #1 – Bad Apples!

With over 150 e-commerce portals in India, it has become common for these sites to employ price tricks and manipulation tactics – primarily as a shortcut to persuade consumers to buy products & services from their site over the competition. While some of these techniques are legit, which play on the buyer’s psyche – (like the Rs. 99 only items – they sell twice as many as the ones priced at Rs. 100! or the ‘Buy 5 items for Rs. 10′ promotion when they actually mean you could purchase just one item for Rs. 2), other techniques are less transparent, sometimes deceitful and at times downright fraudulent. 

In this series, we profile some instances where online shopping portals & daily deal sites have been caught red-handed in dishing out so called ‘deals’ and ‘promotions’ by offering fake discounts and/or by using other conniving methods.


Naaptol selling Bad Apples!

The Apple iPad 2 – 16GB 3G Wi-Fi Tablet, costs Rs. 36,900 in an Apple iStore. About a month back, it was offered by Naaptol for Rs. 38,000 supposedly after a 50% rebate! This so-called discount has since been removed after a public bashing. Naaptol had later offered the same for Rs. 36,900 + Rs 100 extra for shipping. Now, they just list the indiatimes shopping price. Incidentally, TOI had a partnership with naaptol.


The tweet on naaptol

The Tweet on naaptol



There have been other unverified complaints where the buyer has received used items or have received items that are less valuable than those advertised or those that are significantly different from the original description.


Share your experiences with us…


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  • Arjun Abraham Zacharia

    This is a total rip off….
    Only if steve jobs would have known! This is a great effort to bring to people’s notice such frauds …
    Nice Catch Praveen!

    Waiting for more….

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Arjun!

      There are many more such shocking incidents…

      • Shwetabh Srijan

        Good find Praveen…

  • Winsant store

    Like in any business there are bad apples in E-commerce too…..

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